Concrete FAQ

How strong is concrete?

Concrete is a mix of some of mother nature’s hardest materials; some of the materials include cement, a wide range of stone/aggregate (in varying sizes), sand, and a range of chemical that when mixed with water creates a concrete mix. These mixes have a range of PSI (pounds per square inch) value. Pending the application of the concrete you will find it to be between 2000 PSI to 4000 for residential applications.

How long should you wait before using my sidewalk and driveway after is has been poured?

It is important to avoid putting excess weight on concrete that has not cured. Concrete and take days or weeks to cure pending temperature…as a general rule is to avoid driving on or parking a vehicle for at least 7 days

Will salt negatively impact the color or surface hardness of stamped concrete?

Salt will not compromise the strength, but it can impact the sealer or finish (we can recommend occasionally rinsing off the surface and maintaining the application of sealer on a semi-annual basis)

When concrete demolition is done…who cleans up and hauls away the unwanted materials?

What are the advantages of concrete vs asphalt?

Can I pour concrete over my existing asphalt surface?